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The world of NFTs combines immense allure and justified apprehension. Still in infancy, it has grown beyond its niche status as the metaverse moves into the mainstream. Fara Bashorun makes his selections for this season, for those wanting to dip their toes into non-fungible waters

Erick aka SnowfroArt Blocks Curated
• Art Blocks was founded by Erick, aka Snowfro, creator of the hugely successful Squiggles NFT collection, which was the first on the Platform.
• Art Blocks spotlights upcoming artists within the space by giving their work the notoriety it deserves, releasing via their OpenSea page.
• Individual artists or collaborations pitch to the curation board before they are selected to go live.
• Floor Price 0.15Ξ

Blair Breitenstein‘1989 Sisters’
• Blair Breitenstein is a New York-based digital artist and fashion illustrator whose aesthetic draws inspiration from the 1960s and 1970s.
• Her work depicts female muses with exaggerated facial features, using strokes that resemble traditional pastel sketches.
• Floor price 1.6Ξ

The Sandbox‘The Sandbox LAND’
• The Sandbox is widely regarded as the leading virtual world.
• They are currently updating software by migrating to a new smart contract, thus making it a great time to enter by acquiring their virtual plots of land or digital assets therein.
• Floor price 2.749Ξ

Vogue Singapore x Vogue UkraineFashion for Peace (image at top of page)
• Two Vogue imprints from opposite sides of the globe have collaborated in solidarity to support the people of Ukraine during their ghastly conflict with Russia.
• The ‘Fashion for Peace’ collection implored six Ukrainian fashion designers to produce contributed artworks that reflect and celebrate their cultural identity as Ukrainian nationals.
• 100 per cent of all primary sales proceeds go towards Save The Children to support its humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine.
• Floor Price of 0.5Ξ

Billelis‘You Pushed Me’
• Billelis is an Edinburgh- based digital artist, who takes inspiration from Lego modelling as well as classical Greek and Latin Gothic tropes.
• Floor Price 0.45Ξ

Brett Crawford ‘PR3DICTOR’ for ComplexLand
• Pop culture mainstay Complex has collaborated with a number of artists for digital assets operable within their ComplexLand metaverse since 2020. Their trendy take on the metaverse saw huge praise from Donatella Versace in our interview with her.
• Floor price for ComplexLand starts from 0.08Ξ, but a successful bid on one of Brett’s collection will cost slightly more.

This article appears in the Summer 2022 issue of LUX