Luxury Leaders

Our regular series interviewing top figures in the luxury industry, including owners, CEOs, creative directors and fund principals.

Fashion superstar Giorgio Armani on his global empire

The designs of fashion superstar Giorgio Armani have become synonymous with the relaxed yet restrained and sophisticated style that has, over the nearly half century he has been in the business, transformed Italian tailoring. Harriet Quick talks to the legend about...

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Sir Rocco Forte on building his empire of luxury hotels

Since he created it in 1996, Sir Rocco Forte has grown his eponymous luxury hotel group to include multiple properties in key destinations across Europe, with a major expansion this year within his family’s native Italy. And there are plans for the boutique...

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Founder of Corinthia Hotels Alfred Pisani on going global

Under the leadership of Alfred Pisani, Corinthia Hotels has grown from a single family-owned banquet hall in Malta to a global luxury brand with properties in 9 destinations and forthcoming openings in Dubai and Brussels. LUX speaks to the Maltese businessman about...

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URWERK Co-Founder, Felix Baumgartner on modern watchmaking

URWERK’s unique approach to high horology has established it as one of the most creative and desirable brands in the industry. URWERK’s watches are like nothing else on the market, reinventing the design of a timepiece to put function and artistry above conventional...

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Global businessman Johnny Hon on promoting global exchange

Johnny Hon, founder of venture capital and investment company Global Group, is on a mission to lower cultural and trade barriers between east and west to encourage commerce, charity and cultural exchange. The entrepreneur and philanthropist, based in London and Hong...

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Simon de Pury on artistic philanthropy

Charity art auctions are taking off around the world, and for the best and worst of reasons, says Simon de Pury, himself the world’s leading philanthropic auctioneer In times past, the main philanthropic efforts in the art world used to be confined to the US, for a...

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Superchef Thomas Keller on the evolution of fine dining

Ever since legendary chef Thomas Keller opened his restaurant The French Laundry in California’s Napa Valley more than twenty years ago, he has been inspiring diners – and chefs – with his forward-thinking food. Keller tells Emma Love about his latest plans for fine...

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