LUX is the world’s pre-eminent luxury publication and media.

LUX comprises a legacy print edition renowned for its aesthetic and authority, distributed to private individuals and pinpointed locations and events across the world.

Our contributors are themselves key global stakeholders in the ecosystems we cover in our content, events and advisory, from art and culture to philanthropy and biodiversity.

Our always-updated digital content is focussed on engagement with some of the world’s most notable stories, brands, organisations and individuals, largely around the themes of art, culture, philanthropy and collecting and appreciating.

We have a members-only global online database of highly significant reach and quality.

We create events, online and in the real world, and content for partners, of unparalleled richness, originality and engagement. Our storytelling is paramount, and while it is much imitated, sometimes brazenly, it is also unique.

We are proud of our Responsible Culture tagline and for our print edition to be one of the first magazines to be carbon neutral.

This is our ecosystem. Welcome.


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We create client content events around sustainability, retail, real estate, collecting, culture and biodiversity for global banks and wealth managers. We create content, culture and sustainability strategies and content for major consumer luxury brands and their owning families and philanthropic foundations

Partnerships & Events

LUX showcases people and stories in art, design, architecture, fashion, travel, property, philanthropy and luxury goods, under our ethos of Responsible Luxury. We work with some of the world’s leading photographers, writers, videographers, social media creators, editors and journalists to create distinctly compelling stories.

We also work with brand partners around the world to help conceive, create and direct content for them. This content can appear in our print edition, as special print editions aimed at our database, online, on their own digital channels or those of our collaborators.

We also create event streams, bringing together significant individuals and organisations from the worlds of art, retail, luxury, technology, philanthropy, technology and collecting.

Many of our events are discreet, involving selected readers, collaborators and our partners, bringing together and creating experiences, in the real world and online, that nobody else can curate. Our ecosystem.

For partnership, event and advertising enquiries please contact [email protected]

Our current & past partners include


Global readership







  • News stands
  • VIP andevent distribution
  • Frieze/Deutsche Bank Private Wealth Management clients

Geographic spread:

50% Europe & UAE / 35% Asia / 15% US

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Some of our recent partner covers

Deutsche Bank Ocean Special
Winter 2021

Deutsche Bank x Frieze
Spring 2020

Rosewood Hotel Group
Winter 2019

Richard Mille
Summer 2019

Deutsche Bank Wealth Management
x Frieze Art Fair

LUX is the official partner magazine of Deutsche Bank Wealth Management and we create a special edition of the publication three times a year for Frieze Art Fair London, LA and New Yourk. We also create a blue economy special edition for Deutsche Bank globally.

Publication Dates 2021-22:

Spring/Summer Issue: April 2021

Autumn Issue: September 2021

Winter Issue: January 2022

LUX Occasions

Creating the most luxurious and dream-like special occasions and weddings on a global level, with a world-leading combination of detailing, artistry, sustainability, cutting-edge technology, and unmatched service.


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