Olivia Palermo

Narmina Marandi, Emilia Wickstead and Alice Naylor-Leyland

Erin O’Connor

Velvet, florals and Swarovski pearls, Emilia Wickstead unveiled her stunning Autumn/Winter collection at London Fashion week to a star-studded front row.

With London Fashion Week over and Milan and Paris to come, what was the pick of the shows so far? LUX loved Emilia Wickstead’s A/W line, which showed this sophisticated designer also has a decontractée side

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Eleanor Tomlinson

Narmina Marandi and Emilia Wickstead

Alexa Chung

And we enjoyed saying hello to the always-personable New Zealand-born designer and some of her friends afterwards – Emilia dresses, and attracts, a high calibre of woman, including the Duchess of Cambridge. From supermodel Erin O’Connor to art collector and investor Narmina Marandi, this was a crowd as cerebral as it was stylish. Haute style indeed – a match for Paris or Milan, upcoming.

Emilia Wickstead’s A/W Collection

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