The Hedonism Issue

Get Your Hedonism Hit

Online shopping may be thriving, but the world is awash with swanky boutiques offering indulgent fantasies of every type to the wellheeled and the dreamer synthroid tablets online. KARYS WEBBER picks some of the best Chanel, Paris For fashion lovers, no one tops...

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Is Bali’s High Going Low?

Where is the best place to combine a proper luxury holiday, ancient, unknown temples and one of the most unique dining experiences? Bali resident MARY JUSTICE THOMASSON would tell you it’s right at her doorstep. Naysayers that say the ol’Bali charm has left the island...

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Fortifying the Soul

Port, the great fortified wine created by the English in Portugal, was once an essential indulgence in every self-respecting home. Now, after decades of being as unfashionable as acrylic slacks, it is showing signs of a comeback. Leading wine commentators extol its...

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Big Spenders

A government crackdown on conspicuous consumption may have slowed China’s luxury market, but opportunities still abound at the top end of the market. CASEY HALL investigates where China’s most wealthy will be spending their money in 2014 There’s little doubt that...

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Caledonian Cityscapes

Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital, Glasgow is its biggest city. Ahead of this year’s vote on independence, RJ MALONE explores what each has to offer in terms of hospitality and soul Glasgow, Scotland’s biggest city and Britain’s second city after London (at least, until...

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Eastern Challenge

Art Basel Hong Kong is trying to create the same buzz for Asia’s burgeoning collector scene as its parent fair, Art Basel, does in Europe. MAGNUS RENFREW, director of Asia for Art Basel, explains the challenges involved in a fluctuating Asian art market Over the past...

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Chagall: Climbing the Art Chart

Marc Chagall’s star still shines bright today: the Russian-French Modernist is coveted by collectors and connoisseurs alike. Our columnist explains why JEAN-DAVID MALAT Personally, Marc Chagall is by far my favourite Modern artist. His paintings are somewhat like...

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Wild Wood

Irish designer Joseph Walsh created his Enignum III Chair by stripping wood into thin layers in order to manipulate them into freeform, undulating compositions which he then combined with copper and woven silk to create the striking, sculptural piece that is almost...

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Chasing Time

Ahead of the new Formula 1 season, CAROLINE DAVIES caught up with two of its stars, Mercedes AMG Petronas driver Lewis Hamilton and team boss Ross Brawn, at an IWC exhibit. Brawn has since announced his retirement, but we’re running the interview anyway LUX Regarding...

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