Wendy Yu: building bridges between the East and the West

Wendy Yu – entrepreneur, investor, cultural ambassador, fashion devotee, and frequent flyer between Shanghai, Hong Kong, London and New York – is taking the word ‘global’ to a whole new level, as Elisa Anniss discovers when they meet Instagram can be hugely revealing...

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Simon de Pury on artistic philanthropy

Charity art auctions are taking off around the world, and for the best and worst of reasons, says Simon de Pury, himself the world’s leading philanthropic auctioneer In times past, the main philanthropic efforts in the art world used to be confined to the US, for a...

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6 Questions: Alessandra Rich, contemporary womenswear

Alessandra Rich is the quintessential contemporary designer. Born in Italy, based in London and Milan, and showing in Paris, her designs bring joy and flair to womenswear. She is also noted for the meticulousness of her sourcing and her construction quality. LUX...

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