Graduate Trainee Programme

The LUX graduate trainee programme runs for nine months each year.

Our graduate trainee scheme aims to introduce highly ambitious graduates to the world of media, luxury, art and philanthropy, through the LUX ecosystem.

Our graduate trainees learn directly through tutorial classes, shadowing staff, attending interviews, events, and content creation. They are expected to contribute meaningfully to research, coordination, planning, interning activities, digital tasks, and creativity.

The weekly classes with our team focus on different elements of the media, from creative to commercial, and from print to video, with a focus on journalism. They will attend and assist in meetings, events and parties, and learn how to coordinate shoots and interviews. Trainees will also be expected to learn how to write reports and methods for delivering successful presentations.

Our tutorials offer a unique opportunity to gain first-hand advice in the media industry.

Trainees will emerge trained and ready to take on a first or second tier role at a high-level media company. They will be given a reference and report detailing their level of training and achievement. There may be an offer of a job at LUX.

“Having gone through a graduate traineeship myself at a national newspaper, I feel there is not enough opportunity given to properly training young people in a 360° rapid immersion into a rapidly changing media world. Media careers of the future will be forged equally from creative, styling, writing, commercial, and cultural channels. Storytelling is at the heart of all media; and it needs to be underpinned by a commercial vision. Many young people are influencers themselves from a young age through social media. Our graduate traineeship aims to help channel such enthusiasm and creativity, and understand and explore the commercial opportunities of media today, for the future.”

– Darius Sanai, Editor-in-Chief & Proprietor

LUX has a hybrid and flexible WFH/office working model and candidates should be willing and able to do both or either.

There is a modest stipend to reflect the project work competent trainees will do.


Application Process

Applicants should send the following by email:


A summary in no more than 50 words, entitled “Why you should choose me”

An analysis, in no more than 100 words, of the single most interesting development in the media in the past five years and why it is significant for the media going forward

Please do not attach a covering letter or anything else

All applications should be sent to: [email protected]

Deadline: Thursday 27th July 2023