LUX is the global luxury magazine, established in 2001 in Europe and also published in Asia since 2010. Based out of London, the magazine is sold on newsstand around the world and is also available in luxury hotels and events globally.

LUX contributors are drawn from the “zero point one percent” of global lifestyle opinion formers and include CEOs, luxury sector owners, designers, entrepreneurs, and creative directors, as well as journalists and editors in different locations. We cover hard and soft luxury, fashion, retail, art, fashion, entertainment, design and travel, and collectibles for ultra-high-net-worths. The print magazine is published twice a year in December and June and is designed by the award-winning Young Journeymen Studio. The online edition is refreshed and updated on a weekly basis and includes special series including Luxury Leaders and the Editor’s Commentary.

Brands, entities and funds collaborate with LUX in two ways, through traditional display advertising and through our selective partnerships.