Advisory / Sustainability Advisory and Thought Leadership

Sustainability Advisory and
Thought Leadership

In a world where leadership is more important than ever, thought leaders who can influence events and developments have never been more in demand.

Our deep connections with academic, philanthropic and business leaders allow us to weave together strategies and ecosystems for our clients. Leadership should not be confined to silos.


As public funding faces challenges and private wealth increases, the role of philanthropy has never been more important. Our network of international philanthropists builds on ideas and opportunities with each other, and by integrating thought leadership and creating cross-disciplinary opportunities, we inform both strategy and execution.

Oxford University

Oxford University works with us to create a broad ecosystem of conversation around biodiversity, medical technology and opportunities for the global south. This is done on a confidential basis involving academics and leaders in their fields from around the world.


Content Streams

Through our sister company Quartet Consulting, we create a world-leading white label content stream for a leading private bank in Switzerland around changemakers, leaders, innovators in technology, science and art.

Deutsche Bank

LUX has a media partnership with Deutsche Bank Wealth Management which consists of content creation, virtual and real life events, business, academic, institutional and individual introductions, as well as advising on their ESG marketing strategy.

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